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recently the bagger and cashier failed to hand over all purchased items. i didnt realize until i got home (its not fast food, i shouldnt have to check the bag) it was infuriating that i had to go,all the way back.

the bagger was still at the same check out, remembered me and my purchases but was oblivious to the fact that they were still there when i left. she blankly stared at me with no offer of attempting to locate. luckily another employee finally came by and said they put the, in the back. she stopped and talked to several other employees on the way, taking her good old time.

no one apologized. totally unacceptable.

tonight, with 5 people in line, the cashier proceeded to engage a customer in ridiculous conversation, completely stopped scanning and bagging. friendly is okay, inconsiderate to the other customers is NOT.

when i mentioned that it would be nice if there was more efficiency, she was beligerant and something about her 'bones degrading' what??????

on top of this incredibly poor service, I regularly find expired items throught the store. this place is a disgrace!

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $100. The author is overall dissatisfied with Sprouts Farmers Market. The most disappointing about sprouts farmers market staff from Sprouts Farmers Market was poor decision making, dangerous spoilage and customer service Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Try working at a place that is understaffed and over worked. These places are still expected to do do great sales with less labor. Make sense?


I am Deidra, i am a Sprouts employee and am mortified by one person's incompetence at that location and at that time. I apologize for this experience and hope you recalled their name when reciting to their supervisor regarding that incident.

We are not all lazy. I know my colleagues and i rarely take breaks and go out of our way to give superior service and information to those we serve. You are the reason for us showing up You are the reason we provide for our own households. We are humans living in a troubled society as well so please talk to us about what we can do to make the time WE Share pleasant for us both.

We assume people are mean or lazy by an experience but in reality we do not know their situation past experiences or mental health conditions to justly say that one moment in time is who that person is or how independently varied locations with numerous personalities handle issues but nothing gets better without communication.

I say this humbly and ask that you give us another opportunity to serve your needs. Thanks for letting me know that people notice whether it is spoken or unspoken.


Deidra Alldredge #707


I Hope Nobody has anything bad to say about me?! My Father Died Of a Heart- Attack a year- Ago & I’m trying to be Positive! Do NOT make me a Victim; Customers!

to Maximillian Gosselin #1459203

Don't go back to you are ready to focus 100 percent on your job.I am sorry for your loss but your customers have their own personal disasterAnd they put it aside long enough to deal with driving and shopping and expect you to help them finish the project in a positive professional manner.They are not your support group and they don't need to give you a break.


Yes it is just a cashier job. But we are expected to be friendly to everyone.

Some want to chat some want to buy and run but we are not mind readers. You say the conversation was ridiculous and maybe it was but did you think she should have told the customer she was stupid and to shut up. The lines get long for several reasons. Sprouts cuts hours and there are rarely baggers available.

On the other hand cashiers have to look up codes for bulk items, write rain checks, customers leave the line for one more item, go to the car for forgotten wallet, ect. If you expect perfection you just wont find it.


Don't blame the cashier! Sprouts hires cheap labor. U get what u pay for


Cashiers have a lot to pay attention to, if not friendly complaint, know thousands codes for different produce products, requests for. Different bags, long lines, no codes on bulk items, usually 4 digits long etc., occasionally we have a beg left behind as we turn to help the next in a hurry person...sorry ya had to drive back.

Gilbert, Arizona, United States #1322247

Ya'll forget ppl are human. The company is actually really cool and treats its employees pretty good (depending on the management but still), not to mention does a lot of donations and works hard to help the community it serves.

If you acted short during the incident then of course they aren't going to be the most happy to help you - and like yeah, bags are left, things go wrong, people call off or they are understaffed, and some workers are just lazy- just like you were to not check your bags while loading up your vehicle/cart. When you complain about something as simple as this, not rude or bad mannered staff but happy and human?

You're just someone either so full of privilege or hate you can't emphasize with these workers.


to Geirge #1439219

You're great


Stop going there.


You sound like a complete ***. Trying working in retail for once and learning to incorporate some *** patience and decency into your life.

If the worst thing to happen to you all day is a BAG left at the GROCERY STORE then your life doesn't seem bad at all.

Try losing a family member then come tell me that you forgetting to grab all your own *** groceries is an actual problem. *** off.

to Hannah Grand Junction, Colorado, United States #1301850

That's a low blow.....I've lost a Mom and

it still hurts a year later....but has nothing

to do with items you wanted to fix for

dinner and have to turn around and go

back because the bagger forgot to do

their job. I've seen them pushing things aside instead of putting them in a bag with other stuff.......then forget it.

to Hannah #1319835

Woo-hoo thank you for saying that!

to Anonymous #1362788


Rochester, New York, United States #1277119

To the Mesa, Az post:

All I am seeing is a cry baby! What your not smart enough to check to see if you have all your groceries?

Wow! Go right ahead and blame someone else for your own mistakes! Now, your upset because no one kissed your butt when you came back? Your really special.

You don't like the place then don't go! Geeze!

to Just saying 1 Grand Junction, Colorado, United States #1301851

Another dummy! How can you keep your eye on each item when they have so

much *** between customer & items

they've rung up?

You can't keep an eye

on all of it while fishing for credit card or

cash, etc. with 3/4 of the area blocked

with everything else, they load the carts but I do ask: did you get all the bags?

to Just saying 1 Newnan, Georgia, United States #1319838

Amen sister

Dublin, California, United States #1233073

If you want better customer service don't patronize a store that pays *** wages.

Dallas, Texas, United States #1232770

This is a comment from an incident at one Sprouts. Not all Sprouts have this same type of customer service, which is one thing Sprouts is proud to have. First and foremost, along with high class customer service, are the high quality of produce, meat market product and homeopathic vitamins and and supplements.

to Anonymous #1234915

Im a sprouts employee in Colorado i work in the meat department. This happens everywhere this company will fail overall because procedures and ordering and management are all idiots that happen to have degrees?!

Was excited to work for this company niw excited king soopers is hiring me for alot more money and less workload. Im taking all my customers with me which they all stopped buying meat cause i told them too

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